Monday, June 29, 2009


Oh boy, is blogging addictive! I've spent most of today surfing for blogs - mostly beading blogs, but I think I added a crochet and stitch blog or two as well. Be sure to check the blog list in my profile in case I missed one on my blog list on this page.

I was mainly surfing for beading blogs as I haven't beaded in a long time and was looking for inspiration. I got it today! I saw lots of wonderful bead blogs and I also received an FMG sale catalog in todays mail as well as a 10% discount card for a vendor at a bead show coming up in July here in Indy! Woo hoo!!!! I need to save some $$$ so I can bead shop!

That's it for today.

See ya!~~

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  1. I couldn't find your email address so I wanted to tell you that I have a graph available for my Rose Garden Bracelet. Check it out here: :)