Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nook or Kindle?

I've been looking at Nooks and Kindles - I want one! But which one should I get? I was leaning towards the Kindle, but I stopped by Barnes and Noble and now I'm leaning towards a Nook. Which one do you have? What do you like about it? Or, are you contemplating the same thing? I'm anxious to hear what you think!

Happy Holidays!



  1. I was contemplating and researching the same thing! I decided to go with the new Kindle. I primarily wanted an e-reader and I thought the screen on the new Kindle was a bit crisper. I also asked our computer guys at work what they would recommend and they recommended the Kindle. I've been really happy with it so far.

  2. I love my Kindle! What sold it for me was the ability to download and buy a book anywhere I happen to be (I have the 3G version). I didn't like the idea that with a WiFi one, I'd need to be at home or somewhere with WiFi service in order to get a book - when I'm camping or at the cottage, there aren't many WiFi hotspots! I didn't want to be tied to a WiFi network or my PC if I wanted a book, so for me the Kindle was the only choice and I haven't been sorry for one single second!

    I think you need to evaluate just how you will use your e-reader and what you want from it. The kindle does have its limits - you are mostly limited to buying books from Amazon for instance (but not totally limited - you can load non-DRM protected material on to it). But I don't find the Amazon pricing outrageous and I don't mind buying from them. The 3G network availability is what pushed me over the edge for buying it over the other e-readers out there, but it may not be a priority/need for you.

    Good luck finding a new toy to play with. I love reading on my Kindle - whether the book is 1000 pages or just 200, it weighs the same and I can carry around hundreds of books at any time. Can't beat that no matter what e-reader you choose!

    (my comment verification is imetrots - is it trying to tell me something? :-) )

  3. LOVE MY KINDLE!!!! I've got the 3G version too and it's so cool to be able to carry my entire library with me where ever I go and have the ability to download a book when I want one. If you decide on a Kindle, I don't think you will be disappointed.

  4. Another vote for Kindle! Nook was "late to the party" and will always be playing catch-up. I read a report on a business page somewhere that B&N is in trouble financially- that alone would scare me off from the Nook, just in case.

    I have Kindle V2 and LOVE it. Buying V3G for DS for Christmas.

  5. I was also procrastinating but went with an iPad in the end! I love it.