Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rotation day, Vancouver Olympics, more bead stash


Well, it's Sunday again and therefore, I should be changing my rotation project. I've been working on Beside Still Waters and here is a picture of my progress.

I've actually gotten quite a bit done on this, in the lower right corner. I think I'm going to continue to work on it while I watch the Olympics. The Hoosier Stitchers group has issued a 'challenge' of a project to work on while watching the Olympics and I've chosen this one.

Here is the next item on my rotation.

This is a kit I got a LONG time ago from an online friend in Australia. As you can see, I didn't get far with it, but it's a very pretty project.
I went back to the local bead shop yesterday that is closing at the end of this month and got even more beads!

What a haul!

3 packs of 8/0 seeds

6 packs of 11/0 seeds

Daggers, in red, amethyst, green, blue, pink, and topaz

34 more tubes of Delicas! If I had paid full price for all of these beads, it would have been over $200, but I got it for around $50! I just could not resist! I made a list of the Delica numbers that I already had and made sure to buy ones I did not have yet. The colors are yummy!

This is called Cantata by Whispered by the Wind. I'm doing it 1 over 2 with WDW on New Castle linen (40 count) and I'm loving the way it looks!

We're supposed to get more of that icky white stuff tonight into tomorrow evening, 2-5" I believe. Yuck! I am SO ready for spring! Only 34 days until spring arrives!

At least the sun is shining today. It won't be later!

Allie says "whatcha doin'?"

It's so sad about the young athlete that was killed during practice on Friday. My heart goes out to his teammates and family!

Well, I'm off to either stitch or play in my beads - or both!


  1. BSW is coming along nicely, Terri :) I like what's up in your rotation next :)
    LOVE the pic of Allie :) She's beautiful!

  2. Wow Terri - I love all your embroidery project - the hardanger in a previous post is stunning. Great bead stash too. Looking forward to more. Lidia

  3. What a nice lot you acquired for your stash! It is sad to see another LBS go out of business, but at least the locals are getting the beads, instead of them having to list on ebay and ship it all out. I love your embroidery! Aryd'ell

  4. Oh my your stitching is so pretty and more beads!!! Man I wish I could go to that shop and stock up too.

  5. Great progress on your wips. You really got alot of beads. Keep up the good work.

  6. Another type of ornament that you can make is a tea ball ornament. You can use a mesh tea ball as your base. You can stitch the beads onto the tea ball in any color pattern that you want. Choose a variety of colors or make a certain pattern such as a snowflake design. Candy canes are always a fun design to make. The basic stitch that you will need to learn for this is the spiral rope chain.

  7. Great stitching Terri and wonderful beads :)