Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vintage beads!

My mom called me at work today and said she found a tin with some beads in it that was my grandmother's. I stopped after work today and this is what she gave me. They are gorgeous! The picture doesn't do these beads justice at all! The top beads are black bugle beads - a couple small hanks of those. From the left - blue seeds, probably a size 11, about 5 hanks and they have an almost fiber optic look. The next seed beads are a teal color, about 3 or 4 hanks of these and they are very sparkly! The next is an almost royal blue, only 1 hank, also a size 11 and also very sparkly! The last is, obviously, a green, but a very pretty shade of green! There are about 4 or 5 hanks of these too and they sparkle quite a bit too! I had more of them, but stopped at my DIL's house and gave her some of them. She loves beads too! I told her she has to let me see what she makes out of them.

Next is a picture of an afghan I finished recently. The pattern is called Lacy Shells and I did it in an ecru color that I had a bunch of skeins of that I had forgotten about! I've decided to try to use up all the yarn I have stashed around here before I buy any more. This will be the 2nd full sized afghan I've finished this year. I've got another full sized one about half done and started another baby afghan a couple nights ago too.
My camera has broken and it's being held together right now with some scotch tape. I'll have to go buy a new one in a couple weeks. This one is a Kodak and wasn't very expensive when I bought it a few years ago, but it has taken some great pictures! Any recommendations on a new camera? I know I want to get a little nicer one that has a better zoom.

No stitching updates, but I have been working on the Quaker Prayer and am almost done with it. Maybe another week or so and it will be done. I ordered Rose Thread Pouch and Rose Sampler (LHN) today from Salty Yarns and can't wait for it to get here! I hope I have the right threads for it - I forgot to order those!

So much stitching, too much J.O.B. that gets in the way. I wish I could retire and stitch all the time! Wouldn't that be great?!

See ya!~~~


  1. lovely beads. Your afghan is also lovely.

  2. Hello, Terri!

    You found me and that meant I could find you! Yes, the LD at Tilting at Windmills is the LD from #stitch. I still read all the posts but never seem to get to the chats.

    LOVE the afghan! Now I'm off to read back through a bunch of your posts and see what's up with you.

    Maybe TTYS? Maybe next #stitch chat I can be there.