Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More stash and a finish

Saturday was a beautiful day so I went on a small road trip. I went to a needlework shop about 20 minutes from me and bought some more stash. Here are a couple pictures of what I got.

A snip-its jar, a pattern by My Big Toe Designs called A Quaker Prayer, the WDW to stitch it, and a cute pair of stork earrings. I've already started the Quaker Prayer and it is so much fun to stitch! Here is my progress so far.

The floss colors are rum raisin, bark, eggplant, pea coat, deep sea, seaweed, okefenoke, and swamp water. They are so pretty! I really like the way it is turning out. I also ordered 2 charts by Whispered by the Wind - one is Cantata and the other is Rose Lace (I think) and I also ordered a "doodler" frame by American Dream Products.

I also have a small finish! This was a freebie and I was able to start and finish it in one evening. I used a silk floss by Vicky Clayton, but I don't remember the name of it. Dragon's Blood maybe? I'm going to try to make it in to a floss ring tag. Here is a pic of the finished piece.

I stayed home from work today due to some chronic stomach problems, so I'm going to try to put together the Traveling Stitcher pieces. I think there is a picture in an earlier post of the project keep for this. I will post pics when it's done.

I sure would appreciate any advice or tips to make my blog nicer. I don't know much about blogging yet. What are "labels" for? Any help is surely appreciated! My email is tpatterson2@indy.rr.com

Well, I'm off to do some stitching and finishing - or maybe I'll take a nap. Bye!~~


  1. Congratulations on the finish Terri. I really like the red against that fabric. I too am new to blogging and would help you as much as I can. I often have to grab one of my kids to help me. I did post how to add the counter in my comments.
    Lisa P.

  2. Terri, Your blog is too darn cute. You have a wide array of nice projects going. I may even have to break out some cross stitch after all the things I've seen of yours! Your dog is just so cute! I'm sort of looking for one and she's sweet!
    Nice job on the blog, it was a pleasure to look through.
    LABELS! Labels are what you put in your label section to make your post "findable" like, label cross stitch, ABC, crochet, stitch, floss, colors, whatever pertains to your post! Hope that helps a little?