Sunday, October 10, 2010

A quick update

Hi. Not much stitching going on here. I've got 2nd degree burns on the first 2 fingers of my right hand. Steam burn from the microwave.

But before I did this, I did finish an ornament and an afghan.

Granny stripe afghan

Red House in Winter by LHN

Kody and Allie are getting along better each day. Hopefully, my burns will heal quickly so I can stitch!

That's all for now!

Eskie smiles,


  1. OMGOSH! I am so sorry to hear you have hurt yourself. I always wear elbo high mitts near the oven, but never give them a thought with the micro.

    Hope you are better NOW!!

  2. Get well soon!

    Both projects look terrific! I was thinking last night it is finally getting cool enough to crochet in the evenings. I can NOT crochet in the summer- cannot stand the feel of the yarns when it is hot.