Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stash and stitching room.

Hello! It's still hot and muggy here. I hope you are all staying cool!

My A/C went out last week and while I was home while the new unit was being installed, I worked on my stitching room. I thought I had before pictures, but I don't. These aren't the best pictures, but it looks a LOT better than it did!

My son still has some things in the room, but hopefully, he will get them out soon. The computer desk. curio cabinet, and file cabinet in this picture are his. The file cabinet is under the plastic boxes of beads behind the table.

The two cabinets on the far left of this next picture are his also, but I'm using them until he takes them out. I've got sewing machine, beads, threads, scroll rods, empty plastic boxes, buttons, and lots of other crafty/stitchy/beady things in the cabinets. The table is mine.

It's a drop leaf table that folds "up" to a rather large table. A great work table!

The day bed was his, but it's mine now. I changed the covers from wolves to roses and lace, LOL! And the teddy bear is for the grandkids if they stay over.

Some specialty fibers and beads hanging on the wall. A floor lamp next to the bed if I need it. I have another table top lamp on top of one of the cabinets.

It's a trundle day bed, so there's more storage underneath! I have a plastic underbed tote full of yarn, foam core sheets, picture frames, and a couple boxes of ribbon under the bed. I have about 5 or 6 - 55 gallon totes in the closet with yarn and Christmas ornaments in the closet.

The bed looks cozy, doesn't it? :-)

It's not exactly how I want it, but it will work for now. At least I can move around in there now!

I have GOT to quit spending! I've added to my stash .... again. The Hoosier Stitchers had a stitch-in last Saturday and I stopped by an LNS on my way up and got the following.

Dog Lessons by Lizzie Kate

The threads to stitch it with.

This project is out of the January/February JCS issue....

...so I bought the threads to stitch it.

The thread pictures are blurry but believe me, the colors are luscious!
I also bought a new snip-its jar, but forgot to take a picture.

I've been working on the Rose Garden Mandala from the September 09 issue of The Gift of Stitching, but didn't get a progress picture. It's so much fun to work on!

Maybe next post, I will share some pictures of the other cabinets I have with my fabric, threads, books, charts, and magazines in that I want to put in my stitching room.

Stay cool!

Eskie smiles,

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  1. Good Morning Terri: thx for swinging by my little blog! What a fantastic room, I'm so green w/envy. My space is limited & I have 'stuff' stashed everyplace. It is an effort to get everything out & put away!!! LOL Oh well, we do the best we can around here.

    Stitch well in your beautiful room -