Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Zumba, Allie, and it starts!

What a title, huh? Hi!~ I went to Zumba class tonight and it was great! If you are looking for an exercise to do, I highly recommend Zumba! It's SO much fun! Go to www.zumba.com to learn more.

I had Allie groomed this evening and she looks SO pretty! They put pink bows on her and so far, they're still there! Here's a pic.

She's all soft, sweet, and smells good, too!

I live in an apartment complex and my apartment faces west, across a large "yard" with trees and a fence at the far side. Here is what I see off my patio.

There are no buildings to the left of this picture. I love sitting on my patio and watching the birds. For being right in town, you'd never know it if all you saw was this. Well, that's gonna change. See the little hill with the fence beyond? They're going to put a road in between them. And the construction has started.

They will be taking down lots of trees, unfortunately, plus the fences across the way. The building to the right in the first picture is going to be just a few steps from the road when they're done. So that's what I'm going to have to look at for who knows how long.

Well, I'm going to go stitch or read or bead for a bit. Niters!~~

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