Sunday, September 13, 2009

Prayer Shawl, a puppy pool party, and stitching with friends!

It was a gorgeous weekend here! The temps in the mid 70's and sun, sun, sun! On Saturday, I drove to a get together of the Hoosier Stitchers. We had a great time! We visited an LNS and I didn't buy a thing! I wanted to, but didn't. It was over all to soon.

I finished a prayer shawl a few nights ago. The yarn I used was even prettier crocheted up than it was in the skein! It's 100% wool, featherweight, "Columbia Minerva" yarn that I had in my stash. I got this yarn quite a while back from my great aunt's estate after she passed away. I have no idea if this yarn is still available or not. The pictures do not do this yarn/shawl justice!

The color of this yarn I would describe as a heather. Very subtle shading!

There was a Puppy Pool Party at our local recreation center and pool today. From 1 to 2 was for small dogs (35 pounds or less) so I took Allie down. She didn't like the water much, but seemed to enjoy watching the other dogs and running around outside the pool.

She drank quite a bit of the water, but didn't like being in it very much! She wouldn't even go after the balls or frisbees!

These cocker spaniels would not stay OUT of the water! They were fun to watch!

And these two dogs were constantly chasing each other around and having a blast! They were also fun to watch, as you can tell.

We went down later to watch the large dogs and WOW! There were a BUNCH of large dogs there! About 100! And I forgot to take my camera back down for pictures. It was great to watch them, too! All kinds of dogs, too! Great danes, boxers, mastiffs, dobies, husky, great piranees (sp?), and lots of labs and retrievers.

I'm not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. I hate Mondays!

That's all for now. See ya!~~

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