Monday, March 23, 2009

A picture

Here is a picture of Allie, my miniature American Eskimo. She will be 1 on April 2! My youngest son and his girlfriend gave her to me for my birthday last November. She is such a joy!

Looks like I need to take some more pictures! I don't have any recent pictures of any of my stitching or beading! The only recent pictures I have are of Allie!

Okay, how do I get the pictures to go where I want them to go? I tried to add another one and it got put up above this one.

Well, it's getting late here and I want to go stitch a bit before bed. See ya later!~~


  1. she is sure pretty Terri!!
    Glad to see you have a blog & look forward to seeing your work!!!

  2. Allie is gorgeous. I'll have to put some pictures of my girls up on my blog.